Zero Infinity is a full-service creative and production house that takes your boldest, most-ambitious ideas and bursts them onto the global scene with unmatched speed and artistry. 

From shorts and commercials to 360 ad campaigns and content design, we collaborate with the world’s brightest creatives—from Hollywood to Bollywood—to bring your brand’s creative aspirations from zero to infinity.

Saving Face
Film Editing
Oscar-winning documentary short
2018 holiday campaign
Global philosophy brand book
Among the Believers
Film Directing
Emmy-nominated documentary
Google Stadia
UX Writing
Google Stadia site redesign
Philly D.A.
Film Editing
Peabody-winning documentary
Film Editing

History Channel documentary series
This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous
Film Editing

YouTube Red original documentary
Google Stadia
UX Writing

Google Stadia site redesign
UX Writing

Uber for business app
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What we do

From the Oscars to the Emmys; Sundance to the UN; Netflix to HBO—our films have graced the world’s most prestigious screens.
Savvy in concepting, budgeting, pre-production, and post-production, we can take your visual direction and run or collaboratively produce your commercial, short, or series.
Got a new campaign that needs everything from a microsite to social media ads? We seamlessly adapt to any voice, style guide, and brand identity.
We’ve designed and written UX screens and flows for global trendsetters—from Google and Uber to Amex and Mastercard.
Ready to go where few have dared to venture? Our trusted engineering and creative partners can walk you through a world of VR possibility.

Who we work with